Green inland shipping <

Thursday 25 Jul 2019


The EU plans to go climate-neutral by 2050.
So does inland shipping !

On 16 October, innovative vessels sail to the port of Brussels to show their journey towards decarbonisation. Hydrogen and electricity become part of the propulsion mix. Guests will be able to board vessels and discover new sustainable technologies.

Come and discover the innovative inland vessels which have embarked on that journey and test solutions that bring pollution down too.

The event is organised by the European Inland Barging Innovation Platform, Port of Brussels, Inland Navigation Europe, European Federation of Inland Ports, European Barge Union, European Skippers Organisation, EU IWT Platform, Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine in cooperation with the European Commission. 

We very much look forward to seeing you at the climate-neutral port of Brussels.


For more information, please contact the European Inland Barging Innovation Platform


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