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​Today, at the 2018 TEN-T days in Ljubljana, the Transport coalition united in the More EU budget for Transport - the best investment for Europe, handed over its common Ljubljana Transport Declaration to European Commissioner for Budget and Human Resources Gunther Oettinger.

In the declaration, the coalition stresses the need for more money for transport in the new EU Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) for the period 2021-2027 and calls for a stronger Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) which has demonstrated since 2014 its ability to complete the TEN–T network and deliver high EU added-value to finance the deployment of sustainable, innovative, digital, safe, secure, interconnected & intermodal transport projects, mostly through grants.   

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The Transport coalition is representing all transport modes and nodes, infrastructure managers, operators, contractors, local and regional authorities, logistics service providers, shippers, users and equipment suppliers in the maritime, inland waterways, railways, road, cycling, aviation and intermodal sectors, as well as supporting industries and companies.

Since 2017, 3 years before its term, the budget for the current CEF Transport has been used. Demand for CEF Transport funds exceeded 2.5 times the available resources. If the CEF Transport budget does not increase in 2021-2027, the legal obligation of completing the TEN-T Core network is at risk due to insufficient budget.

The signatories stress that the Connecting Europe Facility is offering the best guarantee to ensure trade and swift mobility across Europe, stimulating the creation of jobs and growth. Moreover, it is an essential instrument to boost the decarbonisation and digitalisation of transport.

On 2 May, the Commission will publish the MFF proposal, the EU budget proposal for the next financial period 2021-2027. This proposal will reveal how much money will be reserved for CEF. On 29 May, the detailed Connecting Europe Facility proposal (CEF 2) is due to come out.

An increase in the EU budget is extremely important for the development of inland navigation.

By 2030, the core network for inland navigation infrastructure must be realised and European co-financing for public works is indispensable to achieve this goal.

The planned works for the elimination of bottlenecks and the modernization of existing waterway infrastructure are estimated at least 15 billion euros (link voor modernization of existing…. naar onze kaart) in the period 2021-2027. These works not only make inland shipping more attractive so it can relieve the road network and reduce CO2 emissions from transport, but are also combined with investments in digitisation, automation, the generation of sustainable energy, nature protection and anticipation to climate change.

INE will be discussing the investment needs of inland waterways with DG MOVE director Herald Ruyters at its forthcoming General Assembly of 18 May in Brussels.


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CEF transport coalition: more EU budget for transport is the best investment plan for Europe, because without transport no free movement of people and goods across Europe