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Thursday 22 Sep 2016


Interactive workshop on 4 October 2016

Interesting about this workshop is that it is organised by business people outside of the sector who want to meet with the sector and draw in the interest from more outsiders.

The aim of this workshop is to facilitate business relations and to create awareness on the related opportunities considering its competitive advantages it can offer compared to other means of transport.

Speakers and attendees will be representing diversity amongst the whole value chain including SMEs, start-ups, large companies, clusters, research groups, investment firms, pilots, operators, city distributors, authorities, etc.

The day will start with interactive presentations providing key lessons learned, success stories, addressing challenges and failures and inspiring with innovation and trends.

Leading up to afternoon co-creation workshops (operation, finance and innovation) where participants will actively collaborate in subgroups on the topics of their choice to generate ideas, solve problems, improve working relationships or share feedbacks. Animated with professionals, our interactive workshops will stimulate the development of business opportunities and creativity through collaborative working.

Check out the programme to see how each participant will come back with added-value elements aligned with their own centre of interest.

Hosted by the European Diplomatic, Economic & Academic Centre (CIDIC) at the Ophem Castle, rue Hernalsteenstraat 4, B-1970 Wezembeek-Oppem.

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