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The French Minister of Transport Frédéric Cuvillier announced the necessary steps to advance the construction of the Seine-Nord Europe Canal incl. the creation of a new mission responsible for drawing the contours of the redesigned project in terms of governance and financing. The canal is a key link in the TEN-T cross-border project Seine-Scheldt between Belgium and France to link Paris to the Western European waterway network.

With this announcement, the minister endorsed the conclusions of Rémi Pauvros , deputy mayor of Maubeuge and author of a recent report on the reconfiguration of the Seine-Nord Europe Canal. In his report, he proposes to adapt the project in order to save some 600 million euro and make its implementation realistic.

The plans for a PPP (public private partnership) are defintively abandoned. France goes for a 100% public project co-financed by the State, regional & local entities and the EU. According to the declaration of Tallinn of October, Belgium, France and the Netherlands committed together with the European Commission to carry out the Seine-Scheldt project at 40% EU co-financing under the new Connecting Europe Facility. An intermediate report will formalise a timely request for funding from the EU.

The redesign of the canal project requires a modification of the Declaration of Public Interest (DUP), for which the necessary regulatory proceedings will be undertaken. 

The new mission will deliver its conclusions by the end of 2014. Meanwhile, the surrounding works in the basins of the Seine, the Oise and the Nord-Pas-de-Calais related to the project will be continued. 

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