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Continuous maintenance is key for competitive waterway infrastructure. In many countries, the small “everyday” maintenance work does not get the attention it needs. However, there is a lot of potential to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of waterway maintenance. 

PLATINA2 set up a European expert platform for waterway maintenance knowledge exchange on inland waterway maintenance on a European scale and prepared a “Good Practice Manual on Inland Waterway Maintenance” for waterway administrations.

The focus of this manual is on navigational  fairway maintenance of free-flowing rivers. It 

  • illustrates an improved fairway maintenance cycle.
  • exchanges dedicated knowledge across countries and waterways in core network corridors.
  • analyses examples from practice and identifies “lessons learned”.
  • develops recommendations for efficient fairway maintenance.

Next steps

  • further topics have been identified that need to be discussed, e.g. lock maintenance, long-term analysis of measures, interplay of structural & maintenance measures…, listed in the manual .
  • parts of the manual will be further developed within a study on the “Specification of Good Navigation Status” (1/2016 – 12/2017)

Summary of the manual

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The main goal of the FAIRway project is to implement the "Fairway Rehabilitation and Maintenance Master Plan of the Danube and its navigable tributaries.

The new TEN-T regulation contains the requirement of achieving ‘Good Navigation Status’ on all class ≥ IV waterways by 2030. Class ≥ IV waterways are major or international waterways which are accessible to international inland shipping.

During the TEN-T days in Rotterdam, EU ministers agreed on the implementation of TEN-T and underlined its importance and the need for additional funding

During the TEN-T days 2016, ministers of Danube riparian states discussed implementation of Fairway Rehabilitation and Maintenance Master Plan for the Danube and its tributaries