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According to recent Dutch and EU studies, inland waterways transport's air quality record falls below that of road and rail transport, and the sector therefore will need to radically change its course to combine a low carbon record with a low air pollution level.

To meet the increasing demand for sustainable transport, the Danser Group decided in February 2012 to refit the two Wärtsilä engines of its Eiger-Nordwand barge with a Dual-Fuel (LNG and Gasoil) propulsion system. This is a revolutionary achievement, because so far only new ships have been equipped with an LNG propulsion system. An impressive LNG compartment equivalent to 6 TEU containers stores the tank resulting in a slight loss of loading capacity, a coldbox and gas valve unit, is mechanically ventilated and has an automatic shutdown in case of problems, ensuring high safety.

The expected emission reductions wil be 20% less CO2, 80% less NOx and 90% less small particles. Besides the fact this is the first ever LNG refit on an existing inland vessel, the Eiger-Nordwand is the first Dutch inland container vessel to be powered by 99% LNG.

Technical details:
- Motor type Wärtsilä 6L20DF
- max performance (LNG) : 1056 kW @ 1200 rpm
- max performance (gasoil): 1056 kW @ 1200 rpm
- double-hull (gas safe) gas valve unit
- 60m3 double hull stainless steel cryogen LNG tank

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