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Wednesday 04 Dec 2019 / Gerelateerde tags: Innovation navigation management 


Navigable waterways are equipped with aids to navigation (AToNs) to make navigation safer and more efficient. Today, they are increasingly equipped with sensors and AIS to become part of the Internet of Things. The aim is to make navigation management smart and connected. This takes place in the framework of the Fairway Danube project.

Fairway Danube has also launched WAMOS. It is a common GIS-platform and stands for Danube Waterway Monitoring System. It pulls together available data from different sources across countries in a harmonised way. It is a powerful information tool for analysis such as the fairway availability across borders for a dynamic free flowing river like the Danube.


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Inland waterway transport has an excellent energy and carbon record. On new ships, air emissions such as NOx and PM are also radically decreased. The same trend is expected soon for existing vessels.

The use of LNG as transport fuel firmly reduces NOx and particulate emissions by waterway transport. But it becomes important cargo too.