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The Platina 1 project ran from 2008 until 2012 to support the Naiades 1 action programme. The current successor project Platina 2 supports the implementation of the Naiades 2 programme and runs from 2013 until 2016.

The first PLATINA project resulted, among others, in the European web portal on inland navigation, keeping you informed about all policy actions and interesting events as well as offering an online database displaying all national and EU funding mechanisms. Furthermore, it developed the European hull database in order to allow correct vessel identification across Europe, a European IWT research and innovation agenda and an infrastructure planning manual on how to reconcile waterway and environmental interests. Last but not least, two highly successful spin offs were also established: the EDINNA platform, bringing together all European inland navigation schools to work on a common curriculum, and the Barge-to-Business event, gathering shippers and logistics service providers around a better use of inland waterway transport.

It shall support waterway projects to be developed according to the priorities of the EU transport infrastructure investment plans. Furthermore, a handbook on waterway infrastructure maintenance will be created and the RIS user portal will become more user-friendly with improved and new services. In order to optimize the learning experience, new training material will be developed and the simulators’ interfaces will come as close to reality as possible, replacing sailing time. Additionally, an electronic service record book will be designed.

Finally, the innovation priorities for 2014-2020 will be fine-tuned with experts and PLATINA II will perform a critical review of the variety of parameters for external cost calculation of inland waterway transport to ensure that correct parameters are used in the future.

The project team will keep you continuously informed on how implementation unfolds via and the PLATINA II newsletters. But there is more! You will also have the possibility to be directly involved in the implementation of the EU NAIADES II Action Programme – through participating in the NAIADES dialogue. NAIADES dialogue meetings will take place at regular intervals making sure that you are part of the process and have your say.

Be part of the process and follow

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