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CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) Transport, the successor of the TEN-T Programme, finances projects which fill the missing links in Europe's energy, transport and digital backbone. The first calls for proposals under the CEF in the area of transport have been published on 11 September 2014, allocating 11.93 billion euro.

The main objective of CEF Transport is to help complete the TEN-T Core Network and its Corridors by 2030. A total budget of 26.2 billion euro has been allocated to co-fund TEN-T projects in the EU Member States for the period 2014-2020, from which 11.3 billion euro is reserved for projects in Member States eligible for the Cohesion Fund.

The vast majority of CEF funding will be directed at major cross-border projects and projects addressing main bottlenecks on the 9 TEN-T multimodal Core Network Corridors. In addition, funding will also be focussed on traffic management systems, to make the best use of the existing infrastructure. The CEF funds will be awarded mainly in the form of grants, but also through financial instruments.

Multi-Annual and Annual Work Programmes & structure of the calls

The 2014 Multi-Annual (MAP) and Annual (AP) Work Programmes detail the priorities and the maximum available budget to be committed for each of the priorities under CEF Transport’s first calls. The calls for proposal are based on the respective Work Programmes.

The calls’ structure follows the funding objectives and priorities defined in their respective work programmes. Proposals can be submitted to these calls by one or more Member States or, with the agreement of the Member States concerned, by international organisations, joint undertakings, or public or private undertakings or bodies established in Member States (and exceptionally in neighbouring countries). The deadline for submission is 26 February 2015.

Annual work programme
Annual call (930 million euro) : see funding objectives below

Multi-annual work programme

  • Funding Objective 1 (6 billion euro) : removing bottlenecks and bridging missing links, enhancing rail interoperability, and, in particular, improving cross-border sections
  • Funding Objective 2 (250 million euro) : ensuring sustainable and efficient transport systems to prepare for expected future transport flows, as well as enabling all modes of transport to be decarbonised through transition to innovative low-carbon and energy-efficient transport technologies, while optimizing safety
  • Funding Objective 3 (750 million euro) : optimising the integration and interconnection of transport modes and enhancing the interoperability of transport services, while ensuring the accessibility of transport infrastructures
  • Funding Objective 4 (4 billion euro) : Cohesion Fund allocation

INEA, along with the European Commission, will hold an Info Day on 9-10 October 2014 to present the political priorities and content of each Call.

For more information on how to apply, click here

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