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Friday 12 Jun 2015 / Gerelateerde tags: Standards 


A new committee, the European Committee for drawing up Standards in Inland Navigation (CESNI), will bring together EU Member States experts, representatives of the Central Rhine Commission (CCNR) and relevant international organisations. It aims to simplify procedures in the field of regulating inland navigation. For example, there are currently two different inland navigation certificates operating in the EU: the EU certificate and the Rhine certificate.The system of two certificates will continue but it will be much easier to maintain the equivalence between them.

The CESNI will be involved in drawing up standards for the technical requirements for inland navigation vessels and the demands made of crew members, and in the various implementing measures in the regulatory fields concerned. EU and CCNR regulation will in future refer to the standards developed by the CESNI.

The standards drawn up by CESNI will automatically apply in their up-to-date version. This new approach will simplify and speed up procedures, in particular to adapt standards to technical progress. This should ensure a high level of safety, and encourage innovation and investment in new technologies. The new framework will provide legal certainty and be easier to use by member states' national administrations.

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