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INE strongly advocated the continuity of the EU Naiades policy. The 1st action plan (2006-2013) was certainly not perfect, but it had the strong merit to have increased awareness across the EU by creating a coherent policy in addressing waterway development beyond technical matters. A dedicated policy has greatly helped to integrate waterway transport in other important EU policy plans.

Continuity for European inland waterway policy is important. Even more, in times of crisis, we need ambition. Today traffic jams already cost 130 billion euros a year or 1% of the EU GDP. The EU wants to reduce this impressive number by moving 30% of road traffic to alternative modes by 2030 and 50% by 2050.

The successful implementation of the 2nd Naiades action plan depends on the financial and human resources to realize it. For the 1st Naiades action plan, the Commission acknowledged dedicated resources were lacking. It is crucial to avoid this from happening again.

Continuity of the Naiades programme until 2020 to maintain EU policy attention and integration at EU levels and with the involved Member States  Unambiguous targets to reach results. Quality pursuit without targets is an unclear goal, difficult to evaluate and to update where necessary 
Trans-European network framework creating better opportunity for high-quality and interconnected waterways RIS review to allow integration of information streams before 2020 
EC call for differentiated responsibilities combined with coordinated action by sector and public authorities at Member State, EU and international levels Greening of the fleet: stringent and timely regulatory framework on emission limits for new and existing engines
Harmonisation of regulation helping to reduce the administrative burden and strengthen internal market freedom Funding and financing: appropriate package of resources driven by the EU, members and stakeholders

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