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Friday 18 Dec 2015 / Gerelateerde tags: Infrastructure Innovation 

With CoRISMa, a number of Member States joined forces to show the possibilities of cross-border information exchange. The implementation of corridor management through River Information Services (RIS) aims to improve the reliability of inland navigation in transport chains, making voyage plans of inland vessels extremely trustworthy.

The CoRISMa project worked on linking national and regional IT applications to enable information exchange between Member States so EU corridor management becomes possible. With the deployment of River Information Services across Europe still ongoing, the project helps to gain overall understanding & support in EU countries with inland waterways for the benefits of implementation of corridor management. The advantages to authorities and users became tangible through the real-life pilots. They enable multimodal transport planners to plan waterway transport timely and efficiently in transport and logistics operations. This work will be continued to facilitate full implementation.

 The CoRISMa pilots cover:

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