Hidden market potential of the Danube <

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A Platina2 market analysis unveils the unused cargo potential for inland navigation in the Danube region.

The analysis was checked with logistics players and includes supportive measures that can increase the use of inland waterway transport on the Danube for the promising cargo groups: renewables, recyclable products and high & heavy.

The study recommends the following to facilitate a modal shift:

1. Raise more information and awareness about inland navigation & promising markets – for business sector

  • User friendly & up-to-date information on specific markets and their logistics possibilities
  • Dedicated events for specific markets
  • Show cost advantage
  • Neutral platforms for the cooperation between Danube ports, shipping companies, forwarders and industry

2. Promote industrial locations in the vicinity of ports and terminals

  • Foster Danube logistics promotion centres as “one-stopshops” in Danube countries (provision of consulting and assistance to the industry from the initial planning phase of business locations followed by regular know-how exchange regarding Danube navigation) 
  • Continuous holistic service provision.

3. Ensure good navigation status and remove bottlenecks

  • Implementation of Fairway Rehabilitation and Maintenance Master Plan & FAIRway.

4. Simplify and harmonise administrative processes for inland waterway transport (esp. customs clearance, controls of border police and navigation surveillance)

  • Foster transnational working initiatives on control procedures e.g. Serbian-Hungarian, etc.

5. Improve facilities in ports and transshipment sites along the Danube

  • Extension of national and international funding opportunities for port development (esp. for downstream Danube ports).

Summary of the study

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