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Sunday 16 Nov 2014

A world without transport is a world without trade and thus without goods. The smart phones we use, the bricks and mortar of the buildings we live and work in, the clothes we wear and the food we eat – these things are all transported to us. A world without transport and goods is impossible to imagine. But traffic gridlocks, climate change and dwindling natural resources all mean making the choice to use new solutions if we want to maintain our welfare and well being.

The key to more effective supply chains is sharing. Companies looking for opportunities to cut costs will find solutions in sharing warehousing, transport and information. Cargo consolidation through cooperation is an effective solution to optimise logistics operations and reduce carbon footprints.

Europe’s waterways are perfectly suited for such solutions. Low in carbon usage and running through the heart industrial production centres and European cities, waterways offer congestion-free capacity to consolidate cargo.

With investments into quality infrastructure for waterways and ports, taking advantage of rapidly evolving information systems, and practical information to shippers who are not familiar with how inland shipping works, we make waterway transport a reality for businesses who thought that they were stuck on the road and free up the road for cargo which only can go by road.  It’s an intelligent solution.

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