What we do


Our mission

Inland Navigation Europe works to deliver the EU policy of doubling the waterway’s transport share, and so improve the economics and sustainability of transport in Europe. We will do this by:

  • Bringing together waterway organisations across Europe to work strategically for the benefit of the waterways
  • Promoting and demonstrating the economic and environmental benefits of waterway transport through a coordinated, long-term approach
  • Acting as an advocate within EU institutions to promote policies which make waterways more attractive and easier to use

Our 5 policy priorities are

  • Regenerating and upgrading the quality of Europe's existing asset, the network of rivers and canals that connects the core areas of the continent
  • Deploying smart infrastructure to enable digitalisation and automation 
  • Removing barriers for the integration of inland waterway transport into competitive cross-modal supply chains
  • Facilitating the development of an eco-competitive fleet sailing on a mix of new fuels and smart propulsion systems
  • Encouraging and rewarding the creation of innovative logistics concepts

Read our Vision 2030

Our successes

INE has a consistent track record of success in promoting the waterways within the EU. Our successes include the: 

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Interesting newsitems

The EU Naiades action plan is a key bulding block to integrate waterway transport in overall EU policies and transport initiatives. Ambition is crucial to alleviate increasingly congested roads.

With the Connecting Europe Facility the EU aims to create a core network of transport infrastructure across Europe.

Today’s challenges are opportunities. INE members are committed to steer towards a low-carbon and circular economy powered by seamless and sustainable transport.