Arteries of development


Waterways, synergies at the crossroads of cities and regions
Rivers and canals have been arteries for trade and commerce since centuries, connecting seaports with inland centres of industry and consumption. At the same time waterways are much more than transport corridors. Burst of activities co-exist and are increasingly developed in a coordinated way to deliver on climate goals and resource efficiency. Investments in waterways address many purposes at once, yielding a large societal return.


Circular economy Arteries 1


Waterside port areas are turning into eco-industrial sites and recycling hubs where circular processing ensures that products and materials are put back into the chain creating closed loops facilitated by water transport solutions.

Nature  Arteries 2


Estuaries, rivers, lakes and canals host a rich fauna and flora. Smart infrastructure such as fish passes ensure the migration of fishes upstream and downstream. Renatured riverbanks are home to a wide variety of species.

Leisure and tourism  Arteries 3


City distribution by water for goods, clean waterbuses and taxis for people provide an effective way out of congestion. The waterfront is a multi-functional area where leisure and freight co-exist.

Clean energy  Arteries 4


The waterway network links up with energy grids to supply and store clean fuels. New locks are standardly equipped with hydropower turbines providing carbon-free lock operations and energy to surrounding households and industry.

Water management  Arteries 5


Water bodies provide drinking water to citizens and are core to a number of economic activities like industry and agriculture. Water basins store water to regulate water levels in dry and high water periods. Locks help to prevent floods.

Employment  Arteries 6


The emerging mix of cross-sector activities creates & retains jobs and contributes to a transition towards resource-efficient, low-carbon, climate-resilient communities with sustainable economies.
































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