Logistics Solutions


Companies that have converted to waterways tell us the main benefits that attracted them were:

  • Escaping road congestion. 
  • Cost reduction. 
  • Reliability
  • Sustainability

Cargoes include such things as furniture, milk and potatoes, beer, candy and ketchup, computers, clothes, bricks, waste, perishables, catering supplies, recyclables, express packages, and abnormal indivisible loads. The logistics solutions are multimodal and span the entire supply chain from A to B over both long and short distances. Freight consolidation among shippers ensures optimal capacity use of ships.

If you are interested in shipping goods by water, we can help you with:

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Inland waterway transport already has a large share in transport in North-West Europe. But if you check the numbers on continental transport, inland shipping is virtually non-existing even though there is potential and connections are getting better.

When sipping your morning coffee in Paris, chances are the newspaper you are reading has travelled on the river!

Platina2 unveils the unused cargo potential for inland navigation in the Danube region. Promising cargo groups are renewables, recyclable products and high & heavy.