Vision 2030


The inland waterways and ports coalition presented their common vision towards 2030 to the European Commission and Parliament in November 2017. We are convinced that green, smart and congestion-free transport and logistics serving a circular and bio-based economy will only be a reality tomorrow if they can build on a solid policy strategy supported by sufficient and effective implementation tools. In this, their focus lies on the need for coordination, investment, legislation and innovation.

Thriving circular and bio-based economy
 Location 100 Inland waterways are green corridors for transporting renewables and recyclables. Inland ports boost the circular and bio-based economy and are crucial for greening the last mile as multimodal logistics hubs near urban nodes.

The inland waterways and ports network creates:

  • logistics network capacity for innovative industrial clusters
  • competitive cross-sector value chains
Abundant green transport capacity
 Leaf 100

Waterfront cities, agriculture and industry benefit from uncongested waterways on their doorsteps. People take the water taxi and waterbus. Goods, from bulk and outsized cargo to parcels and waste, will be shipped in and out by green, smart and modular vessels of all sizes.

Green waterway transport, without additional land take:

  • solves limited road and rail capacity
  • reduces traffic jams
Smart & connected multi-modal transport
 Wifi 100

Ship and shore exchange real-time and forecast information with each other, other transport modes and nodes. Digital communication increases safety, reduces fuel consumption, improves load capacity and optimises the use of the transport infrastructure.


  • saves time and energy
  • makes multi-modal inland waterway logistics solutions as easy-to-use as single mode transport
Business of people
 People 100

The inland waterway and port sector is a backbone for the single market by keeping traffic flowing for people and
industry and creating jobs in Europe. People on board and on shore enjoy lifelong learning, high social security and job mobility.

A well developed network of waterways and multi-modal ports creates

  • high quality jobs on board and ashore
  • increased workers’ mobility
  • career perspectives in the sector and beyond
Much more than transport
 Water 100

Waterways are EU arteries for sustainable and safe transport and logistics, but not only. They also provide clean energy, secure water supply, conserve wildlife and boost tourism and leisure.

Cross sectoral cooperation

  • fuels cross-regional development
  • creates a socio-economic multiplier for EU investments



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