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Tuesday 06 Dec 2016 / Gerelateerde tags: Innovation 


Inland waterways are a sustainable transport mode, but its full potential to contribute to the sustainability and efficiency of the European transport and logistics is not fully exploited.

There is a need to help all actors, especially the smallers ones, with keeping up with state-of-the-art developments in modern logistics and transport technology. In particular, fuel efficiency, emission of pollutants and unexploited potential market share are key areas where more innovation can lead to improvements.

The European Inland Barging Innovation Platform (EIBIP) was established by the EICB, Mariko, Pro Danube International and Voies navigables de France. It consists of innovation centres to conduct promotion and awareness activities, as well as the implementation of concrete business cases to facilitate this uptake.

The EIBIP website provides links to the EU Funding database, the Greening Tool and a knowledge database on alternative fuels, emission reduction, energy consumption and logistics & information services


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Inland waterway transport has an excellent energy and carbon record. On new ships, air emissions such as NOx and PM are also radically decreased. The same trend is expected soon for existing vessels.

The use of LNG as transport fuel firmly reduces NOx and particulate emissions by waterway transport. But it becomes important cargo too.