Power of EU cooperation


Today’s challenges are opportunities. INE members are committed to steer towards a low-carbon and circular economy powered by seamless and sustainable transport.

Together with our partners in inland waterway transport and other transport modes, we work on inland waterway projects, greening transport, digitalisation and innovative infrastructure.




Improving navigation

Danube FAIRway - CEF project: 2015-2020

The waterway managers from Danube countries work on the implementation of the “Fairway Rehabilitation and Maintenance Master Plan of the Danube” to ensure navigability throughout the year. Coordinated national action plans for deployment are elaborated and the necessary equipment to carry out pilot activities for hydrological services is contracted. Danube ministers announced to allocate the necessary funds and to use EU co-financing opportunities for implementation.  INE member viadonau coordinates the project.

Digitalisation facilitates waterway transport use

Making inland waterways easier to use - CEF project RIS COMEX: 2016-2020

15 partners in 13 countries improve and link up existing digital river information services (RIS) on cross-border corridors. RIS COMEX ensures that RIS evolves from safety management to the facilitation of logistics services to make inland waterways easy-to-use and reliable in multi-modal supply chains. RIS COMEX is coordinated by INE member viadonau.

Promoting inland shipping in the Baltic

EMMA - Interreg project EMMA 2014-2020

The Interreg Baltic Sea Region project EMMA enhances freight mobility & logistics by strengthening inland waterway and river-sea transport and by promoting new international shipping services. It carries out studies & pilots with 21 partner organisations in 5 countries – Finland, Germany, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden.

Building a green energy and logistics belt

Energy Barge - Interreg Project 2017-2019

The  EU Interreg Energy Barge project creates synergies between the bio-energy industry and Danube logistics with 23 project partners from all EU countries along the Danube and runs until 2019. 

Green logistics

Vessels for sustainable mobility - Horizon2020 project PROMINENT: 2015-2018

17 partners from 5 EU countries collaborate to green inland shipping by supporting green propulsion and clean energy solutions that suit the majority of the fleet. The project also develops digital tools for future-oriented education and training as well as cost-efficient navigation. From INE, members viadonau and ProDanube participate.

Investing in innovative waterway management

Good Navigation Status of EU inland waterways - CEF project GNS: 2016-2017

Maintaining our waterways in good shape is crucial to offer seamless navigability to users across borders. Together with waterway managers and users, partners identify the scope of good navigation status for EU waterways and identify best practices on rehabilitation and innovative infrastructure management. Investing in what we already have is smart from an economic and a climate point of view. INE, its members viadonau and MOW participate in the study.

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