NAIADES action programme (2014-2020)
Better EU policy must ensure that inland waterways are better used to relieve heavily congested transport corridors. NAIADES is the umbrella programme to encourage more companies to use waterway transport. Waterway transport is also supported through the funding and financing programmes Connecting Europe Facility, Horizon2020 and the Cohesion policy.

EU NAIADES action plan halfway
2016 was a busy year with the adoption of new legislation such as the regulation for emission limits for new engines and the directive on technical requirements. CESNI has been set up to prepare uniform European standards significantly improving governance on technical navigation aspects. The adoption of the directive on the recognition of professional qualifications is expected in 2017. A sector platform for inland waterway transport is in the make as a result of the amended regulation on fleet capacity policy which enables the sector organisations EBU and ESO to use parts of the reserve fund to bundle forces.

Rewarding innovation
New markets and the circular economy are an opportunity to develop new logistics concepts, to green the fleet and advance on automation. Inland waterway managers actively support sector innovation with dedicated measures and projects. European funding and financing programmes remain a pre-requisite to reinforce cross-border cooperation. Together with the EU, we have to make sure that regulations are not a barrier but welcome innovation in order to enhance sustainable waterway transport in Europe.

Innovation projects


Policy recommendations

INE, together with EBU, EFIP and ESO, illustrates how the inland waterway and port sector paves the way for the circular economy. Inland ports become hubs of renewable energy and up-cycling of materials which are supplied by water, thus creating green jobs.

This requires, in close coordination with all industry stakeholders:

1. the continuation of a strong NAIADES policy effectively embedded in all multi-modal policies
2. a Connecting Europe Facility & regional funds which effectively support the implementation of the NAIADES policy
3. a research programme with dedicated inland waterway transport topics 
4. an innovation-oriented regulation

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