More and better transport by water

With annual congestion costs exceeding 100 billion euro and carbon emissions in transport growing, making transport by water clean and easy-to-use for goods and people is a top priority.

We actively work towards optimising the waterway network into a seamless link in an all-in-one multimodal network, so customers can make the optimal mobility and logistics choice.

By investing in innovation, we provide space to entrepreneurship on and along the water, be it for new transport concepts, circular economy, smart technology or clean energy.

Going beyond transport

Waterways determine and give character to our landscapes. Waterway authorities are fully committed to the multi-functionality of our waterways.

We invest in flood protection and also offer solutions for shipping and water supply in the event of water shortages.

We produce energy from hydropower at locks, offer space for recreation and tourism and constantly focus on increasing the quality of the environment.

Our agenda

We strongly believe in a multimodal Europe with waterways as backbone to make mobility and logistics more sustainable benefiting European industry, environment and society.

Our policy agenda covers

  • A quality network of waterways which is reliable, climate responsive and well connected
  • Effective digital inland waterway services to facilitate seamless and safe mobility & logistics
  • Facilitation of a long-term policy rewarding innovation.

INE is a meeting place for inland waterway stakeholders where good practice, experiences, and information are exchanged.

With strong and effective networking, our Board works to develop a long-term strategy for competitive and sustainable transport by water at national and European levels.