Digitalisation at the service of the Green Deal

21 January 2021

In order to reach the ambitions of the European Green Deal, all transport modes need to collaborate to achieve climate-neutral, resilient and intelligent synchro-modal automated transport in 2050. This is particularly true for the digital transformation. Modal shift will be boosted by a multi-modal approach to the digital transformation.

INE has reflected together with De Vlaamse Waterweg and EFIP on a common concept for the digital transformation. This Common Framework for multi-modal data sharing outlines a single goal, a structure (domains and horizons) and 10 guiding principles to achieve it. It aims to realise the physical internet by 2040 and achieve zero-emission synchro-modal transport by 2050.

The common framework could function as a guiding instrument for all future digital initiatives related to transport. Additionally, the framework can bring the transport modes together and accelerate cooperation with other relevant sectors across Europe. We look forward to discussing this with all stakeholders. Synchro-modality boosts the resilience of the entire transport network: whenever something happens within one mode, another mode can take over.