Good navigation status for inland waterways

12 April 2018

The Trans‐European Transport Network (TEN‐T) aims among others to ensure that European waterways are well integrated in the European transport system. The TEN‐T Guidelines stipulate that navigable waterways of European interest have to achieve “good navigation status (GNS)” by 2030, without providing a definition.

A guideline document has been finalised to provide guidance on the implementation of Good Navigation Status on Europe’s TEN-T waterways. The guidelines have been developed in close cooperation with member states, river commissions and users before the end of 2017. The broader aim is to achieve seamless, reliable and predictable navigation on existing waterways in full respect of EU environmental law.

The European Commission will publish a staff working document on Good navigation Status before the end of 2018

All documents in the framework of the Good Navigation Status study can be downloaded on our website.

Good navigation status for inland waterways