Ministers want a 3rd Naiades Action Plan

04 December 2018

The Council of EU Transport Ministers adopted conclusions on inland waterway transport. The conclusions acknowledge the significant contribution that this efficient, safe and sustainable mode of transport can make towards mitigating the negative effects of the transport sector as a whole. They also welcome the Commission mid-term report on the implementation of the NAIADES II action programme.

The conclusions stress the need for further efforts to exploit the full potential of inland waterway transport, and call on the Commission to develop a follow-up programme to NAIADES II. This should be launched by the end of 2020.

INE applauds the Austrian Council Presidency and Member States for sending this important political signal to support the development of inland waterway transport with adequate policy measures for the next policy period 2021-2024.

Ministers want a 3rd Naiades Action Plan

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