Děčín Lock

The project aims at improving navigation conditions for freight, passenger and leisure boating on the Elbe from the CZ/D border of the Czech Republic / Germany to the end of the Děčín backwater in Děčín – Boletice

Complete flow revitalization is an integral part of the project, and conditions will be created to help develop valuable habitats and restore floodplain vegetation without a negative impact on flood passage due to a reduction in the level of flood levels in Děčín.

Project parameters

  • Minimal draught of 140 cm for an average of 345 days a year.
  • Achieve a 220 cm draught for an average of 180 days a year.
  • Remove navigational strait in the designed section and compliance of width parameters of the fairway.

Project location

Usti Region, Elbe, in close proximity to the port of Děčín-Loubi, river km 730,0 – 747,5.


The Waterways Directorate of the Czech Republic.

Děčín Lock

Děčín lock