Preparing FAIRway 2

“Preparing FAIRway 2 works in the Rhine-Danube corridor” aims to bring the Danube waterway infrastructure forward in an efficient, sustainable and user-oriented way. It further develops core aspects of the TEN-T “FAIRway Danube” flagship project to prepare these from 2022 for implementation in the planned follow-up project “FAIRway Danube 2”.

In a nutshell

  • it is a joint, EU co-financed project of Austria, Croatia and Serbia;
  • investigates on possible integrated river engineering projects of the Croatian-Serbian common Danube section, considering inputs of a multidisciplinary stakeholder forum;
  • specifies the further development of the transnational waterway management system (WAMOS);
  • develops a method for improved stakeholders` coordination and involvement;
  • prepares construction and upgrading measures of mooring places in Austria, Croatia and Serbia;

Preparing FAIRway 2

From 01 July 2020
to 30 April 2024

Waterway infrastructure