Renewable waterfront

02 March 2019

The production of renewable energies is imperative to reduce global warming and free space along waterways can be used to install renewable energy plants.

A section of the public river domain near the  second lock chamber of the Grevenmacher lock in Luxembourg has been used for the development of a photovoltaic park. Capturing solar energy enables the production of clean, renewable energy which is injected into the electricity grid.

The layout of the photovoltaic park has been adapted to respect the constraints relating to the protection of the landscape and heritage. It covers 10,000 sqm in size and counts 1,868 solar panels with a total capacity of 500 kWp to save 6,250 tonnes CO2 within 20 years, equivalent to the energy consumption of 125 households.

Additionally, this project is complementary to the hydraulic energy produced in synergy with the Grevenmacher lock. The seasonal fluctuations production potential is balanced by nature, with the peak of solar energy production taking place in summer, whereas the hydropower production potential normally peaks during the winter season.

Renewable waterfront