Rewarding innovation

12 April 2017

CLINSH is a European consortium led by province Zuid-Holland under the EU LIFE programme that promotes clean inland waterway transport .

The main objective of CLINSH is to improve air quality in urban areas by accelerating emission reductions in inland waterway transport. Despite several improvements, inland shipping is still a major source of air pollution.

The CLINSH consortium aims to:

  • demonstrate the effectiveness of greening measures in the IWT sector 
  • stimulate the sector to personally take these greening measures 
  • contribute to improving air quality.

With this project, regional authorities actively support sector innovation with dedicated measures and projects that enable the testing of innovative techniques, alternative fuel and shore power on 30 vessels.

European funding and financing programmes remain a pre-requisite to reinforce cross-border cooperation. Together with the EU, we also have to make sure that regulations are not a barrier but welcome innovation in order to enhance sustainable waterway transport in Europe.  

Rewarding innovation