16 November 2017

River Information Services (RIS) streamline the information exchange between public and private parties to improve the safety, sustainability and efficiency in inland waterway transport. RIS are the waterway transport equivalent of ITS, SESAR, VTS, ERMTS.

The RIS COMEX project ensures that RIS evolves from safety management to the facilitation of logistics services to make inland waterways easy-to-use and reliable in multi-modal supply chains. Waterway managers work together to integrate fragmented local systems and pave the way for integrated information access to ship operators and logistics players. 15 partners in 13 countries improve and link up existing digital river information services (RIS) on cross-border corridors. RIS COMEX is coordinated by INE member viadonau.

Within the RIS COMEX project, waterway managers aim to make River Information Services (RIS) available throughout transport corridors of the waterway network. The information services are provided to trusted parties and can finally be accessed and shared by waterway users and related logistics partners following
harmonised access rules. RIS corridor services aim at single window support for route planning, voyage planning, traffic planning and reporting duties on a European scale, at present integrating the fragmented local systems and paving the way for full logistics integration.

It is a CEF funded multi-Beneficiary project aiming at the definition, specification, implementation and sustainable operation of Corridor RIS Services following the results of the CoRISMa study. RIS COMEX started in the course of 2016 and will last until the end of 2020. The project area covers altogether 13 different European countries having 15 partners joined their forces under the coordination of the Austrian Waterway Administration viadonau with the common goal to realise Corridor RIS Services.

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The Vision of RIS Corridor Management