PLATINA3 project kicks off

08 April 2021

The EU-funded PLATINA3 project kicked off with a targeted event on the key challenges and opportunities in inland navigation such as the transition to zero-emission shipping, the integration of inland navigation into supply chains, and smart waterways and automated navigation. Here you can download the presentations.

The PLATINA3 – IWT policy platform will provide the knowledge base for the implementation of the EU Green Deal in view of further development of the European Commissions’ IWT action plan (NAIADES) towards 2030. Having started in January 2021, the project will run for 30 months. The PLATINA3 consortium aims to improve the impact and broadening stakeholder engagement in support of transport research and innovation.

The project addresses the following priority topics :

  • Integration & digitalisation of IWT in view of modal shift & synchromodality;
  • Zero-emission, automated & climate resilient fleet;
  • Skilled workforce anticipating to zero-emission & automation;
  • Smart & climate resilient waterway and port infrastructure with clean energy hubs.

Stakeholders are invited to participate actively in our series of 6 stage events, each of which will accentuate relevant topics. The next stage event will take place on 19 October. The 3rd stage event is scheduled for early next year.

PLATINA3 project kicks off

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