Platform for the implementation of a future inland navigation action programme

The EU-funded PLATINA4Action project aims to promote inland waterway transport (IWT) in Europe through targeted coordination and support activities. Starting in January 2024, the project will run for 36 months, concluding at the end of 2026. PLATINA4Action bridges the gap between current IWT research and future innovation needs. It focuses on deploying green and connected inland waterway transport soon, evaluates NAIADES III, and prepares a policy agenda.

The platform acts as a catalyst, uniting expertise, stakeholders, and research in European Inland Waterway Transport. It builds on the network and knowledge developed in the PLATINA3 project, funded under Horizon 2020. The PLATINA4Action consortium collaborates closely with the European Commission DG MOVE to implement and evaluate the NAIADES III Action Plan and develop a new policy agenda for IWT. This interaction involves the NAIADES Implementation Expert Group.

Additionally, the consortium engages with IWT and logistics representatives, platforms, river commissions, ports, waterway managers, Member States, and research institutes. An Advisory Board, comprising external experts and stakeholders, has been established to review the work and provide input for task execution within the workplan.

The PLATINA4Action project aims to accelerate the implementation of green and connected inland waterway transport. Activities will focus on:

  1. supporting and coordinating research and innovation activities focusing on green and connected IWT to find synergies between parallel developments
  2. impact estimations of NAIADES III actions and supporting the policy discussions to achieve modal shift and zero-emission IWT and
  3. the updating of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for IWT

Duration: January 2024 – December 2026


From 01 January 2024
to 31 December 2026

Transport by water