Building industry takes 1,000km traffic jam off the road <

Thursday 30 Nov 2017 / Gerelateerde tags: Infrastructure Innovation 


Knauf, the leading building materials manufacturer, has set up a project for the delivery of pallets to the building sites in Brussels, of which one, Canal Wharf, is located close to the port of Brussels area.

In cooperation with the port of Brussels, which made available part of the Aken quay for unloading and storage, no less than 4,000 pallets are transported via the waterway, and thus substantially decreasing the number of trucks in and around Brussels.

In 2016, Knauf, by transporting 425 thousand tonnes of building material over the water, kept some 14,000 trucks off the road, tantamount to a 1,000km traffic jam!

The building industry transports a lot of bulk over the water. Transporting pallets via waterway is a recent development, and the result of various pilot projects which have been elaborated as public-private partnerships and have proved very successul. New urban transhipment centres have been set up around Brussels to manage pallets and other freight.

Knauf delivers pallets by barge

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