More EU budget for transport

04 April 2024

On 4 April, on the occasion of the Connecting Europe Days a united transport sector pleaded for a strong transport infrastructure fund in the new long-term EU budget. The transport sector is of strategic importance in responding to Europe’s environmental, geostrategic, trade and mobility challenges. Only with a strong transport sector at its core will Europe be able to reach its climate and resilience goals and safeguard its supply chain within the EU and with the world.

Transport sector warns for underfunding of crucial transport connections

Recent and ongoing crises have proven once again that only with a strong, adaptable and innovative transport sector at its core, Europe will be able to respond effectively to massive disruptions and safeguard its supply chain sovereignty. If Europe is to strengthen its resilience, be a leader in the shift to net-zero and finally complete the Trans-European Transport Network, it must translate its words into deeds and reflect these ambitions in the new EU budget for transport.

No transport: no trade, no movement

The massive oversubscriptions of the current CEF transport budget underline once again that the ambitions and challenges of the transport sector are high, yet are not met with the necessary EU support. The take-away for European leaders and policymakers should be clear: this is the moment for Europe to reverse the trend of continued underfunding of the transport sector and set the bar high. A strong CEF instrument for transport is the best guarantee to deliver high EU added value, foster a level playing field across Europe and enable no regret investments.

Towards sustainable, climate proof and innovative transport infrastructure

Inland waterways are an important link in this overall transport network. They connect ports with the hinterland. Inland waterways alleviate urban traffic congestion, and bolster the competitiveness of key European industries, spanning from agribusiness to chemicals and renewables. Inland waterway transport plays a strategic role in the solidarity lanes. The bulk of the Ukrainian grain exports are shipped by water.

In the coming years, important and steady investments are necessary to upgrade the network of Europe’s inland waterways, to make it climate proof and to strengthen the connections with sea and inland ports.

Modern, efficient and reliable infrastructure is the backbone of the European economy and society. Therefore, we call upon all European and national policy decision makers to increase the transport infrastructure budget.

Read the manifesto of the transport sector.

More EU budget for transport