Resilient inland waterways

03 April 2024

In the framework of the Connecting Europe Days, Karin De Schepper moderated a debate on the good navigation status of inland waterways and sustainable infrastructure management. How to keep waterways reliable for transport and in good status when cascading effects of climate change are increasing pressure on multiple uses of waterways? What are potential conflicts and where do we have to step up synergies.

In cooperation with the Commission, INE looked into the subject from different angles with experts:

All speakers stressed the need for integrated waterway management. Drought and flood management have to be combined. More synergy and better governance at all levels are paramount to avoid maladaptation for a multi-functional and critical infrastructure that waterways are. Dredging remains necessary to ensure reliable waterways and to enable nature based solutions for a more resilient water environment, but sustainable criteria apply. Solutions exist, but fragmented governance and funding present the greatest risk to effective and timely action.

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Resilient inland waterways

Good navigation status